Louise Grech

Welcome, it’s great that you’re here!

If you have stumbled across this page looking for a dietitian who will take the time to listen to you without judgement then you have stumbled well.


I established Fresh Approach to Wellness over ten years ago to bring specialised dietetic services to Melbourne’s northern suburbs with a focus on eating habits and behaviours, body and weight concerns, and healing from eating disorders. 

My consultations are a safe place for you to discuss your relationship with food and your body. As a dietitian, I want for you to be able to find balance with your eating. That doesn't mean eating 'right' or 'good', instead it is meeting you where you are at. You will be given space to be heard, without judgement, and together we will work out how to best guide you to your balance. 

I aim to connect with my clients in a way that fosters trust, understanding and compassion. Eating is a complex gig, and finally deciding that it’s time to seek support to stabilise your eating habits can be very overwhelming. My knowledge and experience in working with clients who have disordered eating patterns and body dissatisfaction mean that you don’t have to rock up to our sessions and wonder if I “get it”. I do. I have learnt more from my clients than I ever could have from any book or course, so to all of my current and previous clients – thank you!


A non-diet approach is used in my consultations for clients who present with weight concerns.


People would so often walk in at our initial meeting and say to me “I know what I SHOULD eat but I just can’t stick to it”. The majority of clients coming to see me are desperate to fix their bodies. They come along with histories of emotional eating, food obsession, body dissatisfaction and binge eating experiences. Many have memories of these patterns starting in early childhood, being placed on their first diets before reaching their teen years, their weight increasing after each failed diet only leading to more distress and frustration. You are not alone in what you are going through, I hear you, and I would love to help you jump out of the viscous diet cycle.

If other health professionals have tried to help you by leading you to diet, measuring your health and progress in notches on the measuring tape or kilos on the scale, this time around will be different. There is a way to improve your overall health without dieting. Let’s find it together.




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