About Fresh Approach To Wellness

Everywhere you look these days, there is an overwhelming amount of nutrition advice. Clean eating, no sugar, detox programmes, nutritional cleanses, weight loss teas, you get the picture! Just because your colleague or neighbour follow a particular diet, doesn’t mean its right for you. So how do you know what IS right for you?

Here, it’s all about YOUR health. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are, the aim is still the same. Get your nutrition on track in a way that is realistic and sensible to you. As a Dietitian, Louise can help you with the areas you are struggling with and make suggestions that fit in with your lifestyle. The focus is not on restricting calories and losing weight, but instead on improving your nutrition and health.

If life is busy and work or family are taking your priority, Louise will help you set realistic goals to get your health back into focus. By receiving regular guidance and support from a Dietitian, it is more likely you will achieve your goals.

What about eating behaviours?

Louise has also completed further education in Psychology, and understands it’s not all about the food. As well as your nutrition, Louise is also interested in your relationship with food, your food habits and eating behaviours. She understands that improving your nutrition is not as straight forward as knowing or being told what to eat.

If you have been misled with poor nutrition advice that wasn’t right for you, if you are ready to stop dieting and change the focus to improving health, if you are after assistance with changing your mindset and changing behaviours, you are in the right place.