Non-Diet Approach Dietitian

Are you someone who has been on countless diets, only to regain the weight again plus a little more? Do you start a new diet and quickly feel deprived, hungry, unsatisfied and frustrated which leads to overeating and binging? Well don’t worry, you are not the only one! This is a natural response when the body isn't getting what it needs.This here is a diet free zone. Your weight concerns will be heard, however, this time the FIX won't be weight loss. Together, we will discover a more gentle approach to your body concerns.

Repeated dieting can not only result in weight gain, it may also impact on psychological wellbeing and lead to greater body dissatisfaction. The Non-Diet paradigm is an evidence based approach to improve quality of life and health WITHOUT restrictive dieting. It is a more gentle approach, many of the techniques are psychologically based which may be more helpful for those clients who have numerous failed weight loss attempts and a history of chronic dieting.

The Non-Diet Approach shares similar principles and overlaps with the ideas of mindful eating and intuitive eating. It’s based on responding to internal eating cues, learning to trust your body, self care and body acceptance, and improving your relationship with food, eating and your body.

There is a common misconception that by ditching the restrictive diets, one will be able to eat whatever and whenever they like which may result in poor nutrition, worsened health and possible weight gain. However, the idea of this approach is to honour the body’s cues by eating when hungry and stopping when full. It encourages people to be aware of how the consumption of certain foods makes the body feel, and with improved body awareness most people avoid overeating due to the discomfort it can create.


A Non Diet Approach may help you –


  • Reduce the drama surrounding food and eating
  • Change your preoccupation with food, weight and dieting
  • Re-route the energy previously spent on controlling your food intake to something that provides you with joy and pleasure
  • Give yourself permission to eat, by listening to and trusting your body
  • Feel secure with your food decisions and learn to eat with flexibility, rather than rigid rules