New Year's Resolution

My New Year’s Resolution. Only I start now.

I’m going to shed labels.

Labels that have been placed upon me without my permission.

Labels that give people the feeling they can judge me before meeting me and hearing my story. Labels that make people decide I will fail before I have started.

Labels that no longer serve me.



I’m going to shed Expectations.

Expectations from both myself, and society.

Expectations that generate anxiety, that promote unrealistic standards. That go against my intuition.

Expectations that confine me to the paradigms of the past. That keep me small.

Expectations that tell me how I’m meant to live.


I’m going to shed Comparing.

I’m going to shed Perfection.

I will make mistakes. And feel uncomfortable. And afraid.

Because the labels, and expectations, and constant comparing and striving for perfection have been keeping me safe.

I ask this of my clients every, single, day.

It is now time for me to do the work alongside them.

I’m not waiting for the ideal time to post this. I’m not putting it off until my website is perfect, or my study is clean, or I know more. I want to, but I’m not.

It may contain mistakes and errors. It could be better.

But such is life. Life is messy, and it is happening, and it’s not on hold.